My work is process driven, allowing the inherent properties and underlying structures of the materials to reveal themselves. Attempting to harness the fractal power of natural elements to evolve and reproduce to form patterns of reticulation like the spontaneous unique patterns that occur in nature. The water paintings are created thru the self organizing power of the water itself in response to atmospheric conditions and sound vibrations, letting the imagery form with little to no human control of the flow.

As the artist, I am the catalyst that sets the natural phenomena in motion, opening up to a field of infinite possibilities.

I have expanded this concept in an attempt to harness the power of sunlight in a similar manner. In the 'self exposure' series I am using cyanotype emulsion as the painting medium. Utilizing the basic photographic qualities of time and light, the sun is creating the image. The image is exposed thru just the available light in the studio and the passage of time. The newest works combine naturally occurring organic forms with a very deliberate hand.